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Why the grapevine

I want to be someone who is useful to society, someone who has connotations or a reputation to their name. I’m not happy with my current options in life and I want to explore the world around me and expand my horizons. I want to do incredible things in the future and to do this, I have to learn about what else is going on in the community, nation and world. I want to meet people who can open doors and inspire ideas, but there is no medium that currently allows me to do that. I want to have access to all the establishments around me so I can be more connected with my surroundings. I’m really sick of sitting around on a weekend night asking myself what there is for me to do. I want a list of what people around me are doing so I can do it too. Instead of asking someone who’s done a lot what there is to do, I want a compilation of all the fun things to do in a central spot and readily available so I can fill my time with awesome activities. I’m sickened by the notion that people spend their days hating five days out of a given week only to do the same boring stuff on the weekends with the same boring people. I don’t want a routine, especially not like that. Boredom is the enemy, so I want to find active people with whom I can do awesome things whenever I find the time. Do people really want to sit around on their phones all day or is that just the default for a lack of anything better to do. How will I know what I like best and who I like best if I never get out there and mix it up and experience some new ways of life.

In the short term, I want to be able to go do things on a regular basis without regard to money, and I want to be someone who’s viewed as interesting in the eyes of others. I want to be well-known for my contribution to the UR community.


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