Left Day 3

Today was the first day I am off oxycodone. I got to sleep fine last night and woke up with manageable pain this morning. I can actively move the knee today and actually create some bend. My range of motion improved slightly and I can stand on it for the first time in a completely controlled environment. I can feel it progressing slowly and losing some of its original adhesion. Tonight I will take an ibuprofen, take a shower, and ice all night. I plan on doing only one more exercise session on the floor this evening to work out some more swelling.


Left knee rehab day 2

Going o training room today to take off dressing and do first day of rehab. Hopefully I’ll get some exercises I can do to stay in shape and speed up rehab time.

Just finished with jonesy and we bent the knee pretty far today. Not bad but it hurt a bit. My goal is to be able to get a ninety degree bend by Friday so I can sit in the restaurant with friends and be able to stand with pressure by Sunday. Lots of toe ups should do the trick.

Surgery progress

1/6/15- procedure on left patella tendon at 4:00pm. Feel fine and pain is minimal. The nerve block has not worn off yet and I am optimistic about my recovery. I think it will be much faster than the doctor anticipated because I will stick to a strict eating and exercising regiment. I’ll be eating four times a day and exercising every two hours on the hour. Nutrition will be key for a speedy and thorough recovery and I need to be committed to this process. USANA should be a huge help. Whatever Jonesy allows me to do for exercise tomorrow along with what I learned from 4HB to determine my workout regimen. It should be cardio work as long as work that increases blood flow.